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How Can I Eliminate Dark Puffy Circles Around My Eyes?

No matter how much sleep you get, or how well-rested you feel, dark and puffy eye circles can make you look tired, overwhelmed, and not at the top of your game. Manhattan Aesthetics has a one-two punch treatment protocol to help you reduce those deceptive circles, so your appearance matches how you feel: ready to take on the world.

Chemical Peel New York City

*Individual results may vary.

VI Chemical Peels with ThermiSmooth® Treatments

The VI Peel is particularly suited to taking on those dark undereye circles. Minimally invasive, this treatment is virtually pain-free with no downtime, delivering surgical quality results without the surgery. VI Peel’s active ingredients, including TCA, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, phenol, and Vitamin C, are safe and effective for reversing signs of aging, such as dark circles. The VI Peel brightens skin and induces collagen production, lightening dark circles and firming puffy skin.

 ThermiSmooth® picks up skin tightening where the VI Peel leaves off. This non-invasive treatment uses advanced radiofrequency technology to further stimulate collagen levels at a depth the VI Peel doesn’t reach. Collagen is the skin’s most prolific protein, providing structure and stability to the skin for youthful smoothness. Superficial tissues remain unharmed by RF wavelengths, and your body’s natural healing properties are spurred into action, even in the absence of micro-injuries some treatments can create. What you get is faster cellular turnover and prolonged collagen growth in even the delicate skin beneath your eyes.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you’re unhappy with dark, puffy circles that no over-the-counter products can reduce, you may be a candidate for both the VI Peel and ThermiSmooth® treatments. Both procedures work well on most skin types and tones and are sensitive enough for the delicate tissues near your eyes. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, however, may not be eligible for these treatments.


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VI Peel and ThermiSmooth® Treatments and Results

The VI Peel on its own is quick and easy, making it a favorite among our patients. The peel is applied in layers, and your Manhattan Aesthetics provider carefully monitors every step of the process for your comfort and safety. Treatment is quick, around 30 minutes from beginning to end. The result is a brighter, more even skin tone after just one visit, though some patients with persistent circles may require 2-3 treatments to be completely satisfied. Results reach their peak about 1 week after your last session.

ThermiSmooth® treatments are also quick, between 15-45 minutes. Most patients find it a soothing procedure, like a warm massage, and some even fall asleep. One session results in tighter skin under your eyes, with 4 treatments being optimal for the best results. Peak outcomes begin at the 3-month mark and last for up to 1 year.

At Manhattan Aesthetics, our team is proud of what we do and how we help our patients achieve remarkable results with VI Peels and ThermiSmooth® treatments. We carefully vet all our advanced treatments for the highest caliber of service to our patients. Many of our techniques are our own proprietary artistry while providing the highest standard of care in a luxurious environment. Stop using makeup to cover dark, puffy undereye circles, and let us help you treat the problem at its source.


*Individual results may vary.

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