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How Can I Get Rid of Adult Acne?

Adult acne is a frustrating condition that causes lots of self-consciousness. Many teenagers develop acne while going through puberty, but the majority of you will see it fade away as you approach adulthood. So, when the pimples and redness continue to stick around, it makes you feel bad about your appearance. Thankfully, there are different ways of treating adult acne, which the team at Manhattan Aesthetics is more than happy to help you find.

Manhattan Chemical Peels

*individual results may vary.

What Causes Adult Acne?

Adult acne is largely caused by the same things that cause acne in teenagers. Hormonal changes can be a factor, but the main issue is excess oil (sebum) production. We have sebaceous glands in our skin, which provide us with some natural oils that keep our skin healthy. When too much oil is produced, it can clog your pores and cause acne. Hair follicles become trapped under these clogged pores, which leads to inflammation and redness. Acne can also be caused by bacteria getting into your pores, or other things – like dead skin – clogging them up. 

How To Treat Adult Acne

Treating adult acne isn’t as easy as washing your face every day. Instead, you should look for some proven methods of both preventing and getting rid of acne. At Manhattan Aesthetics, we offer two different treatments that are well worth trying:


Aerolase is a laser skin treatment that uses gentle light energy to treat lots of conditions. It uses advanced NeoClear technology, which can dry up sebaceous glands and stop the overproduction of sebum. Not only that, but this treatment also helps to remove any bacteria that has been stuck in your pores.  Put simply, it gets straight to the root of the problem, dealing with the primary cause of acne. When this is taken care of, you will see your spots and redness slowly fade away and stay away. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a skin resurfacing treatment that can remove different layers of skin from your face. They are designed to help get rid of dead skin and reveal a vibrant and fresh layer beneath. We have a variety of peels available to try, with the VI Peel being a popular choice for those with acne. This is a good treatment to have once your spots have cleared up as it can get rid of acne scars or hyperpigmentation caused by the acne. 

These two treatments are highly effective at treating adult acne in many patients. We also recommend trying different exfoliating products, which can help to unclog your pores at home. With the right approach, your adult acne can be a thing of the past in no time. 


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Am I a Good Candidate for Adult Acne Treatment?

Do you suffer from chronic acne? By this, we mean that you have multiple whiteheads and blackheads that never seem to go away, and perhaps you have lots of redness and bumpy skin as well? If so, you are a good candidate for adult acne treatment and we can help you get your skin back to its normal state.


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.