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How to Safely Reduce Your Pore Size

Smooth, flawless skin is largely considered the foundation of beauty. While a perfect, pore-free complexion is impossible to achieve outside of Photoshop, Manhattan Aesthetics offers treatments that bring you the next best thing: healthy, supple skin that glows with the vitality of youth.

Microneedling New York City

*Individual results may vary.

Advanced Treatment Techniques

First, we have Vivace, a revolutionary skin resurfacing system that elevates our facial rejuvenation to the next level. With 31 settings for a highly customizable treatment protocol, we tailor your plan to your unique concerns. Vivace uses RF microneedling, administered through 36 gold insulated needle tips that are inserted into the skin at various depths. The radiofrequency energy delivers in a deeper dermal impact, particularly effective for acne scars, to trigger your skin’s own healing response. The result is more collagen and elastin production and newer, younger skin cells. Enlarged pores become a thing of the past.

Then there’s traditional microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy. Using the same principles as Vivace treatments, tiny micro-injuries are created in the skin to stimulate a healing response that triggers collagen production. For patients who are worried more about enlarged pore size and less about more significant signs of aging or acne scarring, microneedling may be a better, less intensive treatment option.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Microneedling and Vivace are both safe, effective treatments for all skin types. You don’t have to wait until the signs of aging are obvious. Manhattan Aesthetics can guide you through a preventative plan at the first signs of aging, which often begins as large pores, so you can slow the clock and retain your youth for longer, keeping fresh, supple skin for years longer than your peers.

Microneedling & Vivace Consultations Available

Treatment, Results, and Downtime

Your microneedling treatment session will last between 30-60 minutes and is performed by skilled members of the Manhattan Aesthetics team. Patients are typically administered a prescription-strength numbing agent prior to treatment for optimal comfort, with other pain management options available upon request. The results are surprisingly immediate. You’ll leave our offices with a softer feeling, tighter looking skin. The benefits only grow from there. Because collagen production continues well after your treatment, your skin will improve over months. Frequently, patients do require multiple sessions to achieve final results, but each treatment gets you one step closer to the skin you’ve always wanted.

Vivace treatments, because they are more in-depth, often show faster, more profound results than traditional microneedling. Your session begins with a custom compounded numbing cream, and the treatment lasts 30-45 minutes after your skin is comfortably numb. Following the treatment, we administer a cooling mask to take the heat out of your skin, and a booster serum to minimize redness. Patients have warm, red skin in the first two days following treatment, and by day 3, the skin begins to flake, revealing new, youthful skin beneath. These extra steps post-treatment make downtime with Vivace virtually nonexistent. Downtime with traditional microneedling varies depending on the depth of the treatment. Milder treatments come with no downtime, while more aggressive sessions take up to 3 days of recovery.

Enlarged pores are the first sign of aging, but you don’t have to take them lying down. Call Manhattan Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation.

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