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Sizzling Summer Body By SculpSure

Summer is just days away and everyone in New York is rushing to get that perfect beach body. Don’t sweat it there is still time to look fabulous in a swimsuit! At Manhattan Aesthetics we can help you with the heavy lifting. SculpSure can help both men and women achieve body perfection!

SculpSure Eliminates Fat In Troubled Areas

SculpSure is a non invasive treatment that takes just 25 minutes and permanently eliminates 24% of fat cells in the area being treated. SculpSure patients report they are happy after just one session to achieve a slimmer, leaner. tighter body and sculpted physique. The most commonly treated areas include the abdomen, love handles and thighs. However, at Manhattan Aesthetics we treat the arms, back fat, bra rolls, banana rolls and even the calfs too!


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No Downtime Required

SculpSure unlike alternative permanent fat removal options such as liposuction does not require any needles, sutures, anesthesia or compression garments. Many patients choose to have the procedure performed over lunch break or in between meetings. The treatment is fast and comfortable- Manhattan Aesthetics offers patients Netflix, Music and complimentary Facial Masques during the treatment however most patients prefer to nap during the treatment!

Safer and More Effective Than Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting is a commonly advertised procedure that uses suction based panels that freeze the fat. The treatment is substantially longer in duration than SculpSure and because it relies on sucking the fat and tissue will frequently cause tremendous discomfort associated with bruising, swelling and even permanent nerve damage. Cool Sculpting is actually only FDA cleared to remove 21% of fat cells and unlike SculpSure which uses laser energy and delivers a tapered effect that contours to the anatomy Cool Sculpting patients often experience uneven deformed results!

Do You Have Questions About SculpSure

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*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.