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What are the Benefits of Thread Lifts?

Throughout history, people have looked for cosmetic treatments to treat sagging skin and wrinkles. The telltale signs of aging can be a confidence knocker in many of you, making you feel self-conscious whenever you look in a mirror. Over the years, various treatments have been developed to help tackle these problems – including thread lifts

Thread lift treatment has been touted as an alternative to surgical facelift procedures, offering similar results without the invasiveness.

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*individual results may vary.

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that places dissolvable threads under the skin. Manhattan Aesthetics uses Nova lift threads, which are considered to be the most effective in the industry. They are made out of a unique material that has been present in surgeries for decades, ensuring it is safe. The threads are effectively used to help lift up the loose areas of skin, stretching them out. This creates a more youthful appearance without needing to surgically remove any loose skin. 


Over time, the threads will dissolve, but they also trigger your skin’s natural defense mechanism. The skin cells think your body is under attack, so they flood towards the treatment areas, triggering collagen production. This is critical for anti-aging as collagen helps the skin grow and improve elasticity. The result is more youthful-looking skin without extensive surgery.

Benefits of a Thread Lift Treatment

After undergoing this treatment, you will see improvements immediately. The threads will actively lift your skin, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As they dissolve (which takes up to 6 months), you continue to see improvements thanks to collagen production. In turn, you benefit from younger-looking skin that looks and feels a lot fresher. 


As well as this, thread lifts don’t require much downtime after the treatment. You have minimal restrictions, meaning you can return to your daily activities almost instantly. The only things to avoid are vigorous bouts of exercise – but that’s it. 

Compared to a surgical facelift, it’s fare less invasive and doesn’t require a long recovery period. Overall, you benefit from an anti-aging treatment that’s proven to work, will last up to 12 months, is minimally sore, and doesn’t demand any downtime


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Am I a Candidate for Thread Lifts?

Are you concerned with some early signs of aging? If so, you could be an excellent candidate for thread lifts, particularly if you’re not ready for any surgical procedures. Both men and women can benefit from this treatment, especially if you have fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, droopy eyebrows, and sunken cheeks. 

The lack of downtime also makes it an ideal treatment for people with full-time jobs. You may not be a good treatment for facelift surgery because it requires you to take too much time off work. Here, you can get back to business almost immediately after the procedure. The only people who might not be good candidates live very active lives – like athletes or sportspeople. The rigors of your life may stop the threads from settling and cause them to come loose or dissolve prematurely.


*Individual results may vary.

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