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What is CoolTone®?

Improving muscle tone and definition is a difficult task for many people. The ‘formula’ for doing this is simple – eat well, exercise regularly – but you can still struggle to see the desired results after working hard and putting in a lot of effort. It is particularly irritating to see specific muscles struggling to tone up and grow, despite your best efforts.

At Manhattan Aesthetics, we have a treatment that could put an end to worries like these. With CoolTone®, you can improve muscle firmness and tone after just a few treatments.

CoolTone Manhattan

*individual results may vary.

CoolTone® Overview

CoolTone® is a unique treatment method that falls under the category of body sculpting. It is developed by the makers of CoolSculpting®, and the primary aim is to help tighten your muscles, make them firmer, and improve overall muscle tone in the treatment areas. 

Most importantly, CoolTone® is not seen as an alternative to living a healthy life and exercising regularly. Instead, it is used to add to the results you have already seen, helping you reach the next level with some extra assistance. 

How Does CoolTone® Work?

This treatment works by using Magnetic Muscle Stimulation technology (MMS). It is unique to CoolTone®, and it delivers magnetic intensity through the different layers of skin and fat, targeting your muscle fibers. As a result, this elicits involuntary muscle contractions that simulate those made during an exercise routine. 

Consequently, your body feels these contractions and begins to strengthen the muscle fibers, allowing your muscles to deal with them. This is one of the fundamentals of muscle growth, making the muscles firmer and larger, creating a more toned appearance. Each treatment can last between 1-2 hours depending on the intensity and the area(s) treated. 


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CoolTone® Results

CoolTone® produces results that are easy to see within just four treatments. Much like regular exercise, CoolTone® works with time and repetition – the more treatments you have, the more defined the results will be. Most candidates see improvements in their muscle tone after 3 weeks, with their muscles getting tighter and more sculpted with each additional session. 

CoolTone® Benefits

The benefit of this treatment is that CoolTone® is completely non-invasive, non-painful, and delivers excellent results with no side effects. At most, the average candidate experiences some muscle soreness afterward, but this is normal given the nature of the treatment. 

CoolTone® is also a fantastic treatment to try if you want to target specific muscles that are lagging behind the rest of your body. Typically, many candidates use it to tighten and define the abs, or to firm and lift up the buttocks. 

Best Candidates for CoolTone®

CoolTone® treatments may appeal to you, but are you a good candidate for them? This treatment is not an alternative to hard work and good dieting – it is supplementary. You will be a great candidate if you have a good lifestyle, are close to your ideal weight, but need some extra help toning specific parts of your body. 


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.