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Which Type of Laser is Used in the Treatment of Vascular and Other Pigmented Lesions?

At Manhattan Aesthetics, we offer a range of innovative laser treatments to combat a variety of conditions and issues. Typically, we recommend laser treatments when dealing with vascular and other pigmented lesions. In either case, we use specific lasers to deal with different issues.

Laser vein treatment Manhattan

*individual results may vary.

Laser Treatments for Vascular Issues

Many people come to us with a variety of vascular issues throughout the body. Spider veins are the most common vascular condition. This is where small clusters of superficial veins form and appear on your body. They’re harmless and don’t bulge out, but they can look fairly off-putting. If you suffer from this vascular problem, we have a laser solution:

About Excel V

Excel V is a gentle laser that uses sapphire contact cooling technology. It’s non-invasive and causes no pain at all. Essentially, this laser combines two wavelengths (532 nm and 1064 nm) to target shallow and deep vascular irregularities. The laser is applied to the area, collapsing the damaged blood vessels and letting the body absorb them. This makes the spider veins fade away, leaving you with clear skin. 

We also offer Excel V+ treatments, which are more powerful than regular Excel V treatments. If you have a more severe case, our expert providers may recommend Excel V+ over Excel V.  The Excel V+ provides optimal treatment of small vascular and pigmented lesions found in the most challenging areas on the face and body with the Dermastat handpiece. This handpiece allows the provider to have increased precision and versatility.

Laser Treatments for Pigmentation

Again, we have lots of patients complaining of pigmentation issues. Problems such as rosacea, dark spots, patched skin, and sun damage all fall under this category. Here, we have two different laser treatments to consider, depending on the problem:

About IPL PhotoFacial

Intense Pulsed Light (also known as a PhotoFacial) is a unique laser treatment that deals with many superficial imperfections on your skin. A handpiece is used to apply IPL wavelengths to your skin, slowly and safely heating it. Through this process, collagen expands and blood vessels constrict, creating a clearer complexion. In essence, it helps to remove any of the blemishes and pigmentation issues you’ve been suffering from. 

About Aerolase

Aerolase is one of the most advanced treatment options we offer at Manhattan Aesthetics. It deals with things like wrinkles and broken capillaries, offering exceptional results. 

Aerolase uses 1064 nm light energy to treat your complexion concerns. Light pulses are delivered at one-billionth of a second, making it easy to target specific areas of the skin. With each pulse, collagen production is stimulated from deep inside the skin. In essence, it works from inside to out, leaving the exposed layers of the skin with no damage. As a result, pigmentation problems are solved as they slowly fade away. 


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Am I a Candidate for Laser Treatments?

Almost anyone can benefit from our laser treatments, provided you have any of the conditions mentioned above. These lasers are safe and harmless, requiring no surgery or invasive procedures at all. The precise laser we use will be determined during your consultation. Here, we’ll assess your skin conditions and figure out which option provides the best results. It’s also worth noting that all three of our lasers are safe to use with different skin types and tones. So, if you have any vascular imperfections or pigmentation concerns, laser treatments might be perfect for you.


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.