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Cellulite is an insidious form of subdermal fat that doesn’t always respond to diet and exercise. If this sounds familiar, there is hope. There are lasers available that can zap cellulite without surgery. At Manhattan Aesthetics, we have more than one laser option for treating cellulite, so you can be proud of your beautiful appearance without feeling self-conscious anymore.

Target Cellulite with TruSculpt® ID and ThermiSmooth® Treatments

The TruSculpt® ID laser system is the first to target the entire adipose fat pad. It is also capable of varying its monopolar radiofrequency energy to account for fibrous tissues and different fat densities. During the 15-minute treatment, the laser system adjusts itself for your unique fat tissue physiology for a truly remarkable, cutting edge treatment that is as customized as it gets. Fat cell membranes are disrupted, resulting in cell death, which the body then filters out naturally like any other expired cells. It’s non-invasive, non-surgical, and pain-free. Best of all, the fat cells don’t return. They’re gone for good.

ThermiSmooth® Body treatments are similar to TruSculpt® ID in the use of radiofrequency heat. However, it hones in on that signature “orange peel” skin of cellulite, smoothing the deeper skin dimples by remodeling collagen, the support structure of the skin. Cellulite’s signature dimpling is created by fat pushing against collagen fibers, breaking them down and stretching them out. ThermiSmooth® realigns collagen fibers and boosts production for smoother, tighter skin structure, better circulation, and disrupted fat cell dimpling.

Combinding TruSculpt® ID and ThermiSmooth® Treatments

With the one-two punch of TruSculpt® ID and ThermiSmooth® treatments, your cellulite doesn’t stand a chance. By removing the fat cells responsible for the pressure on the collagen fibers, and repairing damaged collagen while encouraging new collagen growth, you’re treating the whole problem, not just a single symptom.