EmTone is the latest breakthrough in cellulite removal. This exciting new technology offered exclusively at Manhattan Aesthetics combines powerful Radio Frequency and Acoustic Wave technology to target the 5 underlying cause of cellulite. These include a diminished fat chamber, damaged collagen fibers, loss of skin elasticity, poor blood flow and an accumulation of metabolic waste. So unlike alternative treatments that simply target the superifical appearance of cellulite EmTone treats the underlying cause to give you predictably long lasting results. Now You Can Say Goodbye To Stubborn Cellulite For Once and For All

Eliminate cellulite with EmTone at New York’s most trusted body sculpting center Manhattan Aesthetics. Learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation on our website or calling (212) 960-8172

Benefits of EmTone Cellulite Removal

•Treat The Underlying Causes Of Cellulite
•FDA Approved
•O Downtime
•Comfortable 20 Minute Treatments
•Safe For All Skin Types
•Long Lasting Results
•Treat All Levels Of Cellulite
•Visible Results As Soon As Your First Treatment
•Works For Both Men and Women

How Does EmTone Work

Acoustic Technology Paired With RF Effectively Treats Underlying Cause of Cellulite!

Sculpt, Tone and Strengthen Muscle

EmTone strategically uses a proprietary algorithm of monopolar radio frequency and acoustic shockwaves to increase blood supply, promote collagenesis (collagen formation), drain the lymphatic system and eliminate superficial fat cells.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?
A full series of 6 sessions is typically recommeneded for an optimal outcome, however, your clinician will evaluate you and discuss your options at the first appointment.

What Is The Cost?
A series of 6 sessions costs $2500.

Can I Prevent Cellulite?
While there is no proven way to prevent cellulite studies have shown people who exercise, maintain a healthy diet and avoiding large fluctuations in weight are less likely to have cellulite

What Is Cellulite?
Cellulite is subcutaneous (superificial) fat below the skin and connective tissue that creates a dimpled effect.

When WIll I See Results?
While it is possible to begin seeing results shortly after the first session results can take 60-90 days after the final session to be realized.

Is Cellulite Removal Permanent?
While cellulite removal is not permanent your clinician will advise you how to decrease your chances of deceloping recurring cellulite.

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