Dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, are a common condition affecting all ages.  It is most commonly the result of overexposure to the sun, but can also be caused by acne, hormonal changes, allergies, or conditions of the skin.  It is more common in people with darker complexions.  At Manhattan Aesthetics, we offer various treatments to remove dark spots, including chemical peels, laser treatments, and microneedling.  To learn more about dark spot removal in New York, New York, and make your appointment with our practitioners, contact our office at 212-960-8172.

Laser Dark Spot Removal

    • PicoSure® – The Cynosure PicoSure is among the most sophisticated cosmetic lasers on the planet. Unlike traditional lasers that rely on heat, the PicoSure uses picosecond technology to deliver mechanical pulses to the targeted area in trillionths of a second.  This technology give you a more comfortable treatment and a faster recovery.  Best of all, fewer treatments are required.  PicoSure is extremely effective in treating dark spots, broth spots, birth marks, freckles, and sun spots.  It works by shattering the spot into tiny particles, which are then absorbed by the body’s own healing process.  While it may require as many as 3 treatments to complete your procedure, you will see visible results after your first session.
    • CO2 Fraxel® Laser – The Fraxel laser effectively removes dark spots by making small perforations in the skin while evaporating the tissue it comes in contact with. This process, known as ablating the skin, ultimately causes a wound which triggers a natural healing process and stimulates collagen fibers.  Within 24 hours, a new epidermis is formed and the dark spots will have lightened.  Multiple treatments are usually required to completely eliminate the dark spot.

Microneedling for Dark Spots

Similar to the CO2 fractional laser, microneedling creates injuries by puncturing the skin to trigger a natural healing response form the body.  Two-three treatments are typically required to remove dark spots with microneedling.

Chemical Peels for Dark Spots

Chemical peeling is an excellent choice for removing dark spots.  Manhattan Aesthetics offers a variety of proprietary chemical peels containing trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and glycolic acid, designed to create superficial injuries that stimulate a wound-healing response just potent enough to remove the dark spot.  Peeling treatments are usually administered in a series of 3-4 sessions, but newer sun spots can often be zapped with just 1 peel.

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