A great haircut is not only something for women. As far back as ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, men have gathered at barber shops not only for a haircut but for a friendly chat about sporting events and local happenings. Our barber and stylists at Manhattan Aesthetics can give men a stylish, trendy, and attractive haircut using the finest tools and products to ensure that your hair looks and feels good. We invite you to call us at 212-960-8172 to make your appointment with our barber and learn more about our stylish hair treatments for men.

Manhattan Aesthetics is the perfect place for men to find their look. Our barber and stylists provide customized service to help you find a style that is perfectly tailored to you, from traditional haircuts to modern takes on the classics, as well as beard and mustache trims, grey blending, and a wide range of coloring treatments. Whether you need a quick trim or are looking for a completely new look, we are here to help you!

Our barber will work with you to pick out a haircut that suits your facial shape and features as well as your personal style. Give us a call today to make your appointment with our barber and learn more about men’s haircuts!

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