Does your hair need a little more TLC than average in order to achieve beautiful results?  Our professional stylists can provide special services to meet your needs, from helping you prepare for special occasions to deep conditioning, curl and frizz control, and more!  Manhattan Aesthetics offers many special treatments to help you achieve your ideal appearance and style.  Call us today at 212-960-8172 to learn more about our hair treatments and make your appointment with our stylists.

Deep Conditioning

Our deep conditioning treatments are great for moisturizing, strengthening, and helping heal your hair.  We offer several conditioning treatments, including:

  • Single visit treatments to provide intense moisture and fortify the hair with additional proteins.
  • Customizable conditioning treatments designed to provide just what your hair needs. This may include a special formula for hair that has bene colored, moisturizing treatments, smoothing, and strengthening your hair.
  • Multi-session treatments to cleans the hair, remove build-up, and repair the damage in your hair to give you stronger, healthier, and shinier hair.

Curl and Frizz Control

If you have naturally curly hair, or if you have difficulty controlling frizz, our stylists can help you!  We offer treatments to control and manage your curls and frizz, including keratin treatment and relaxers.

Keratin is an award-winning professional treatment to eliminate frizz and reduce curl.  This treatment restores and rejuvenates your hair, making it smoother and healthier with each treatment you receive.  Keratin is formulated with high-quality sheep’s wool to prevent humidity from penetrating the hair shaft, reducing the level of frizz in your hair.  Keratin treatments have also been known to reduce the amount of time it takes you to style your hair at home and make blow drying your hair faster and easier.  Results from your keratin treatment can last for up to 5 months.

Waxing/Hair Removal

Our stylists can wax your brows and face to remove hair and exfoliate the skin, creating a smoother appearance and opening the look of your eyes with a beautiful, natural brow arch.

Special Services

Our stylists at Manhattan Aesthetics offer several special services to help you improve the look, feel, and health of your hair, and to give you a style that will stand out in the best possible ways.  Our special services include:

  • Formal styling (hair for special occasions) – For that special occasion, our stylists can create a customized, formal style just for you. Formal styling includes braided up-styles, chignon, French twists, and more!
  • Blowouts – When you receive a blowout treatment, you can enjoy a relaxing shampoo and a smooth blow-drying experience to eliminate frizz and create volume, body, and shine.
  • Perms/Relaxers/Retexturizing – Permanent waves create curls that give your hair body and help support your hairstyle. Relaxers smooth naturally curly and frizzy hair, while retexturizing reforms and restructuring the curl pattern of your curly hair.

Please call us today to learn more about our hair treatments and schedule your consultation with our stylists.

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