Do you worry about your comfort during your treatment and your recovery time following it? If you have received a more invasive treatment, regenerative medicine can help reduce your recovery time and help you feel more comfortable. Our practitioners can provide you with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a regenerative injectable medication that speeds up the healing process. We invite you to call Manhattan Aesthetics at 212-960-8172 to learn more about platelet-rich plasma in New York, New York, and make your appointment with our experienced doctor.

Platelet-rich plasma (also known as plasma-rich in-growth factors or platelet concentrate) is a type of protein found in your blood which works as part of your natural healing process to regenerate tissues and repair wounds. Prior to your treatment, our practitioners take a small amount of your blood and isolate the PRP protein using a centrifuge. These proteins are then injected into the treatment area to accelerate the regeneration of tissue and your healing process following a treatment.

PRP treatment is safe and non-invasive, and contains no chemicals. We can complete your treatment quickly, and you can see the results with your own eyes as your skin tissue heals and regenerates to restore your healthy appearance.

For more information about platelet-rich plasma therapy and to make your appointment with our doctor, please contact our office today.

Manhattan Aesthetics is committed to complete patient satisfaction, however, results will vary from individual to individual. All testimonials provided for Manhattan Aesthetics are clients of Manhattan Aesthetics who have undergone treatment. Please read our full disclaimer.

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