Your skin is an organ, and just like the other organs in your body (such as your heart, brain, and stomach, to name a few), it performs an important role in keeping you healthy and helping your body maintain proper function. Properly caring for your skin helps your body to function correctly, and increases your ability to avoid infection and other problems. When you skin is clear and healthy, you have the added bonus of a more attractive appearance. At Manhattan Aesthetics, we care about your wellbeing, and design each treatment with your overall health, comfort, and appearance in mind. We invite you to call us at 212-960-8172 to make your appointment with our skilled cosmetic professionals and learn more about our commitment to your continued wellness.

We offer several treatments geared specifically toward promoting your wellness, and especially the wellness of your skin. These treatments include:

When you visit Manhattan Aesthetics, our doctors and medical aestheticians will provide a comprehensive examination of your skin, and create a customized treatment plan to produce the best results possible for your health and appearance. We are committed to excellence, and continue to advance our knowledge, training, and skills in order to provide you with the highest standard of treatment possible.

Manhattan Aesthetics also features cutting-edge technology, which enables us to understand your needs and goals and provide precise, comfortable, and safe treatments with beautiful results.

To learn more, and to schedule your consultation with our doctors, please call our office today.

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