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How Long Will Aviclear™ Results Last?

Regardless of your age, acne breakouts can be frustrating and embarrassing. Worse, they can even leave scars. Aviclear™ has revolutionized acne management with its safe, drug-free laser treatment. Unlike other methods, Aviclear™ gives you long-lasting relief with three treatments, letting you enjoy clearer skin with fewer worries about medications or side effects. 

What is Aviclear™?

In the past, acne has been treated with over-the-counter products, topical prescriptions, and oral medications. If these have not given you relief, or if you wish there were an easier way, you may be a good candidate for Aviclear™. Aviclear™ is the first FDA-cleared energy treatment for acne. This laser system targets the root cause of acne for fast, effective control while protecting your skin. 

*individual results may vary.

How Does Aviclear™ Treat Acne?

Acne occurs when oil from your sebaceous glands becomes trapped inside your pores, combining with dead skin cells and dirt. This clogged pore can provide a home for bacteria that trigger inflammation and redness. Aviclear™ uses a 1726nm wavelength laser that does not affect skin cells. Instead, it targets the sebaceous glands, which absorb heat from the laser. The heat damages these glands, decreasing their oil production. A sapphire cooling system ensures comfort for your skin throughout treatment. 

How Long Will Aviclear™ Results Last?

Aviclear™ works best as a series of three treatments spaced three weeks apart. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes, making it easy to fit into busy schedules. People who achieve improvements with Aviclear™ maintain them for nine months or longer. Aviclear™ causes long-term inactivation of the sebaceous glands so you can enjoy long-lasting results. 

How Effective is Aviclear™ for Treating Acne? 

Research demonstrated that most people with three Aviclear™ treatments saw at least a 50% improvement in their acne. Most saw a noticeable decrease in the frequency and severity of breakouts. You may start to notice a decrease in oil production within a few weeks. 80% of people saw significant improvements in three months.


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Is There Any Downtime With Aviclear™?

You can return to your usual activities immediately after your Aviclear™ treatment. Some minor redness and swelling may occur for a day or two. Some people experience a breakout after their first treatment, which is normal and less likely to occur after the second or third session. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Aviclear™?

Your Manhattan Aesthetics team is proud to offer Aviclear™ to teens and adults. This treatment is safe for all skin types and tones. It successfully treats all types of acne, including hormonal and severe cystic acne. Good candidates seek a drug-free acne solution that will give them months or years of worry-free results. 


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.