Do you have fat below the chin that won’t go away with diet or exercise?

Is submental fullness negatively affecting your self-confidence? Have you noticed a less-defined profile looking back at you in the mirror? Would you like a non-surgical way to remove unwanted under-chin fat? If so, you may be a good fit for minimally-invasive Kybella® treatments at Manhattan Aesthetics.

Kybella® is a prescription injectable medication used to reduce moderate to severe fat beneath the chin. Submental fullness is common among both men and women. Unfortunately, under-chin fat is typically non-responsive to diet and exercise. Kybella® is the only FDA-approved injectable for treating fat below the chin and entails little to no pain, side effects, or downtime.


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How Does Kybella® Work?

Kybella® works by using synthetic deoxycholic acid to break down the fat cells in the body. Deoxycholic acid is actually produced naturally in the body and aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When provided as a medical treatment, Kybella® works to damage existing fat cells and prevent the ability of the cells in that area to store fat. This means that after you have completed your treatment, you should not need to return for another session!

Am I A Good Candidate for Kybella®?

The ideal candidate for Kybella® treatments is an otherwise healthy adult who is close to their desired weight. Good patients for the procedure will have isolated fat pockets below the chin and relatively good skin elasticity. Many patients enjoy the limited downtime involved with the procedure because they’re able to quickly get back to busy lifestyles.

Before you receive a Kybella® treatment, we will carefully examine the area under and around your chin and discuss with you your aesthetic goals. Please be sure to inform us of all medical conditions, including past cosmetic treatments, and any medications you are taking.


*Individual results may vary.

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take?

Once a treatment plan has been created, we will begin your Kybella® injections. You will receive a series of small injections under your chin, with each treatment session taking 15-20 minutes. The number of injections will depend on your aesthetic goals and the amount of fat under your chin. A topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment allowing for a comfortable procedure process for the patient.

What Results Will I See?*

Results from Kybella® are gradual and progressive. You will not see instant results with this minimally-invasive procedure. Typically, initial results can be seen in about 2-weeks as dead fat cells are naturally flushed from the body. Gradual improvement will continue to occur upwards of 2-3 months at which point you will see an optimal outcome. Kybella® sessions occur at 1-month intervals, and you should never receive more than 6 total treatments.

Is There Any Downtime?

Generally, there is no downtime needed for Kybella® treatments. However, some patients opt to wait to return to work or social activities until the majority of their side effects subside. You may experience swelling, numbness, or bruising under your chin immediately following treatment. Most of these after-effects are temporary and will peak at 20-28 hours and go away on their own after a few days.

If you develop facial muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, or an uneven smile, please contact your healthcare professional.


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*Individual results may vary.