Manhattan Aesthetics in close partnership with Aerolase launched the Light Pod Neo in 2017. As the exclusive Aerolase Center of Excellence Manhattan Aesthetics wields an unprecedented level of experience working with the Aerolase and is distinguished as New York’s leading Aerolase provider. What makes the Aerolase so unique is the fact that it is gentle yet an incredibly effective tool in treating acne, rosacea, melasma and hyper pigmentation.


How Does Aerolase Work?

Aeroalse uses unique cutting edge 650 second technology administering pulses in one billionth of a second. (extremely short duration between pulses) which This enables your Manhattan Aesthetics Aerolase practitioner to treat aggressively without the pain or risks associates with traditional nano-second laser technology.


Preparing For Aerolase

There are no specific preparations that need to be made prior to your Aerolase treatment other than standard laser precautions which include avoidance of direct sun exposure, antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, products containing retinol, etc…

Acne (NeoClear Protocol)

Prior to the Aerolase NeoClear acne protocol dermatologists had to choose between risky prescription medications such as Accutane or resort to topical treatments/facial procedures that merely treated the symptoms of acne. Aeroalse has dramatically changed the prognosis for acne by sterilizing the bacteria which causes an acne breakout in addition to drying up the sebaceous gland responsible for secreting the p. Acnes bacteria. 5 simple 15 minute sessions at a 1 week interval will provide dramatic acne clearance!

Is there any downtime?

Aerolase does not have any downtime! While some minor redness may occur post-treatment this should not last more than an hour or so.


Manhattan Aesthetics is committed to complete patient satisfaction, however, results will vary from individual to individual. All testimonials provided for Manhattan Aesthetics are clients of Manhattan Aesthetics who have undergone treatment. Please read our full disclaimer.


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