Custom DOSE Personalized Serum

Are you tired of searching for the perfect skincare products?

Your skin as almost as unique as a fingerprint, so why should you settle for the same skincare serums and creams as everyone else? At Manhattan Aesthetics, we don’t think you should, and that’s why we’re one of the exclusive clinics offering Custom DOSE Personalized Serum, a truly bespoke product compounded just for you.

How Does Custom DOSE Work?

Skinceuticals’ newest innovation, Custom DOSE Personalized Serum, is poised to elevate the skincare industry to levels never before seen. For the first time, a corrective skin care serum can be compounded specifically for your exact skin condition. With 85,000 lines of code, more than 2,000 algorithms, 15 highly-concentrated active ingredients, and 33 possible serum combinations using 2 bases, Custom DOSE is as personal to your skincare needs as your name.

More than 250 skin traits were considered in the creation of the program Manhattan Aesthetics uses to determine your perfect Custom DOSE formula, which will refine your skin’s texture, diminish dullness, lighten and reduce sun and age spots, improve fine lines and wrinkles, and minimize acne scarring.

Custon DOSE New York City


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Some of the active ingredients include:

For exfoliation: glycolic acid, hepes, lactic acid, hydrovance, or phylic acid

Complexion brightening: kojic acid, niacinamide, licorice root extract, mulberry extract, symwhite

Enhance skin’s radiance: retinol, proxylane

2 bases: light hydrating milk or an emulsion base for better absorption

Am I a Good Candidate?

That’s what’s so perfect about your Custom DOSE Personalized Serum—it’s made specifically for you, based on your skin type and condition as determined by a thorough questionnaire and your Manhattan Aesthetics provider’s extensive in-person evaluation. Everyone is an ideal candidate.

What is the Treatment Like?

Each Custom DOSE Personalized Serum is created beginning with your guided assessment and the Manhattan Aesthetics team’s professional expertise. Once your formula is determined, the machine whirs to life, measuring and dispensing your exact ingredients in the proper quantities. The bottle is then spun at 1,200 rotations per second for a lab-grade mix of your Custom DOSE Personalized Serum. A label with your name is affixed, and you’ve given your very own, totally customized skincare serum.


*Individual results may vary.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

500 test subjects reported at least an 18% improvement to their skin in clinical trials within the first 3 months of using Custom DOSE. Because your skin improves with 1-2 applications per day, each serum is adjusted every 3 months based on your skin’s performance and improvement, seasonal changes, and any planned facial rejuvenation procedures. As your skin improves, your Custom DOSE formula improves with it. It’s a truly remarkable and personalized skincare serum designed only for you.

Having a Custom DOSE Personalized Serum compounded specifically to address your skincare is an immersive experience designed to empower you to take charge of your skin’s health and beauty. Manhattan Aesthetics is pleased to bring our patients the latest technologies in the cosmetic enhancement industry, and Custom DOSE Personalized Serums are another way we’re able to achieve that result. If you’re concerned about the advancement of aging, post-acne marks, skin discoloration, uneven skin tone or texture, or any of more than 250 skincare concerns, Manhattan Aesthetics is here to customize your skincare today.

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