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Is There a Non-Surgical Treatment for Neck Fat?

One of the greatest thieves of self-confidence is submental fat or a double chin. Whether fluctuations in weight, genetics or a history of poor posture are responsible for this neck fat, we can all agree on one thing: we’d like it gone. But for many of us, surgery for something cosmetic seems overwhelming. Thankfully, Manhattan Aesthetics has a non-surgical treatment protocol aimed specifically at submental fullness.

Kybella New York City

How Kybella® Works

While liposuction may be an extremely effective method for restoring a sculpted jawline and neck, it’s a pretty invasive option. That’s why Kybella® was FDA-approved in 2015. It’s the first and only medication specifically designed to dissolve fat in the neck and chin region and is a fantastic solution for patients who aren’t ready for more invasive treatments. The active ingredient in Kybella® is called deoxycholic acid, a substance the body already produces to break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the submental area, it works much the same, targeting fat cells that have melted or otherwise obscure the jawline. Because Kybella® works over a period of weeks, the change happens subtly, but before and after comparisons show quite dramatic results.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Healthy adults close to their ideal weight who experience the dreaded double chin are considered ideal for Kybella® treatments. With isolated pockets of fat below the chin and good skin elasticity, patients can experience all the benefits of Kybella®. After a thorough examination of your treatment area and discussion about medications you may be taking and your medical history, Manhattan Aesthetics will create a treatment plan specific to your needs and facial and neck structure. Your goals are important to us, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.


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Kybella® Treatments and Outcomes

The beauty of Kybella® is that it’s minimally invasive. A series of injections are made after the application of a topical anesthetic for maximum comfort. Appointments take only 15-20 minutes, and soon, you’re free to resume your active lifestyle. While side effects are mild, such as swelling, numbness, or bruising in the treatment region, some patients may choose to take it easy a day or two after a Kybella® session, while others return to work the next day. These symptoms will typically be the strongest 20-28 hours after your treatment and subside within a few days. Treatment plans average of 3-6 treatments to reach the patient’s desired goals depending on the amount of submental fat being dissolved, but you shouldn’t have more than 6 treatments total.

Kybella’s® results are cumulative. Results aren’t instant because the body needs time to absorb the fat Kybella® dissolves, but visible improvement is typical 2 weeks after treatment. As time goes on and your sessions, scheduled 1 month apart, continue, improvement will progress. Optimal outcomes are often realized 2-3 months into treatment.

Injectable treatments are art, and Kybella® is no exception. Sculpting a new and improved jawline takes precision and expertise, and our Manhattan Aesthetics Team is at the forefront of the facial rejuvenation industry. People happy with their appearance walk taller, stand prouder and speak with more confidence, and we’re excited to be a part of that. Take back your profile and love your reflection again with Kybella®.


*Individual results may vary.

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