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What’s the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Abdominal Fat Removal?

Sometimes, no matter how religiously you crunch, plank, or knee tuck, the layer of fat over your abdominal muscles doesn’t disappear. Manhattan Aesthetics is the only clinic in the world using TruSculpt® ID, alone or combined with SculpSure®, for safe, non-surgical abdominal fat removal for abs that pop.

*Individual results may vary.

Body Contouring with SculpSure®

We have a fairly static number of fat cells that respond to weight fluctuations by changing the size, not quantity. Temperature affects adipose tissue faster than the surrounding tissues, so fat cells can be removed by increasing their temperature without harming surrounding cells. This discovery led to SculpSure®, a revolutionary laser using hyperthermic energy to heat fat cell membranes, disrupting them to reach cell death. Your body’s natural lymphatic system takes over to filter them out. A single 25-minute SculpSure® treatment disrupts up to 24% of fat cells in the target area. Those fat cells are gone. For good.

Fat Removal with TruSculpt® ID

Manhattan Aesthetics is the first provider in the world to offer TruSculpt® ID treatments. Like SculpSure®, TruSculpt® ID heats fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency energy in an area 3x larger than competing fat removal systems like CoolSculpting. In 15 short minutes, TruSculpt® ID targets the entire adipose pad with all its varied fat densities. This means TruSculpt® ID adjusts to your specific needs, your unique fat composition, and your particular genetics. There is no other more targeted, comprehensive, or personalized fat reduction treatment available anywhere.

TruSculpt® ID is elevated above similar technology by the lack of BMI or weight restrictions, making it the first non-surgical fat reduction treatment available for obese patients. While average patient fat loss is listed at 24% like SculpSure®, some patients in clinical trials recorded ultrasound measurements of over 35% fat reduction. Under the guidance of our board-certified physicians, the potential is staggering.

TruSculpt ID & SculpSure Consultations Available

Am I a Good Candidate?

While SculpSure® treatments aren’t meant as a significant treatment for obesity, TruSculpt® ID has no limit. If you’re concerned about abdominal fat, schedule a consultation with Manhattan Aesthetics to discuss your concerns and medical history to determine your candidacy. Besides fat, what do you have to lose?

Treatment, Results, and Downtime

SculpSure®’s customizable applicators, and TruSculpt® ID’s 6 handpieces treat larger areas, or multiple areas at once, providing 95% of patients the coverage they need to reach their fat reduction goals in one treatment. Those with greater goals may seek 2-3 treatments total to reach their desired outcome.

While the targeted fat cells die immediately, the body’s filtering process is slower, so visible results don’t begin until a few weeks after treatment, with maximum benefit around 12 weeks. But slimming doesn’t stop there. Fat cells continue to filter out of the body for 3 months. The best part? Absolutely no downtime. Patients return to their regular schedules immediately following treatment.

Where else in the world can you seek TruSculpt® ID treatments, either alone or combined with SculpSure® technology? Nowhere. Manhattan Aesthetics is honored to be the only clinic where such breakthrough treatments are possible, and our commitment to excellence and advancement, and compassion for the whole person and not just a body part is all you need on the road to a whole new you.

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