Sensitive Skin Such As Rosacea Can Be Treated By New York City Dermatologist Manhattan Aesthetics

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Rosacea is an embarrassing an uncomfortable skin condition characterized by chronic flushing and periods of prolonged redness of the cheeks, nose and forehead affecting more than 14 million Americans. The condition typically begins after age 30 and is more common in women than men. Rosacea flare ups can be extreme and often unpredictable.

Treating rosacea is a very delicate art because the skin is ultra sensitive and most skin care products are simply too abrasive for these areas. The Manhattan Aesthetics Rosacea Facial is just what the doctor ordered. Unlike a traditional european facial the Rosacea Facial is a steam-free treatment that relies on medical-grade cosmeceutical skin care to gently exfoliate the skin. A detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage is performed to release toxins and minimize lymph fluid congestion which assists in regenerating the damaged tissue.  A prescription strength topical is then used to desensitize the skin preventing future rosacea attacks. The final step involves applying a delicate green tea mask to calm and hydrate the skin that will lock in the results!

Once the Roscaea is controlled we recommend a  vbeam laser treatment followed by an IPL photofacial laser treatment to effectively prevent future rosacea attacks. The vbeam laser produces a single wavelength burst of light that will target the most superficial blood vessels that are closest to the skin’s surface. The IPL photofacial produces a broad spectrum of light that targets blood vessels deeper than the vbeam laser to diffuse redness and diminish the vascular response.


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