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Men and women have spent decades searching for ways to blast resistant body fat trying everything from fad diets, extreme workouts, supplements and funny gadgets-without achieving desired results. The truth is targeted fat reduction requires professional attention. Manhattan Aesthetics is New York’s premier destination for laser fat removal and body sculpting.

Non-Surgical Laser Fat Removal

SculpSure is the revolutionary new non-invasive alternative to liposuction for patients with a BMI under 35. The procedure is fast and painless and in just 25 minutes will eliminate 24% of fat cells in the targeted area. Unlike costly surgeries that require extensive downtime, anesthesia and the use of a compression garment SculpSure has absolutely 0 downtime!

What Areas Can I Target

Each SculpSure treatment uses 4 applicators (each approximately the size of an iPhone) which can be configured to efficiently treat the following areas:

• Upper arm fat

• Back roll fat (bra roll fat)

• Upper abdomen fat

• Lower abdomen fat

• Love handles (muffin tops)

• Back handle fat

• Inner thigh fat

• Outer thigh fat

• Back of thigh fat

• Under Buttock fat

• Upper knee fat

• Inner Knee fat

• Calf fat

• Male Chest fat

• Male inner thigh fat

What Does The Treatment Feel Like

SculpSure treatments deliver waves of heating and cooling to the targeted area. SculpSure uses a 1060nm wavelength laser which produces energy causing heat that is balanced with a chilling mechanism embedded within each applicator.

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