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Despite what you may have heard think very carefully before having a filler injection in the tear trough. This precarious region that lies just beneath the lower eyelid above the cheekbone is problem zone for many. As we we begin to lose elasticity in the eyelids which will often causes fat to accumulate beneath the eyes. This often causes puffy bags to form causing the face to appear tired and aged. Deformation of the tear troughs affects people ages 20 through 80 and is typically characterized by:


-Dark circles under the eyes

-Loose sagging skin in the tear trough

-Crepey and wrinkled upper and/or lower lids

Filler injections in the tear trough are highly problematic often leading to complications because the skin in this area is very thin and translucent. Most fillers will coagulate and appear bumpy and uneven. This area is also more susceptible to bruising, swelling, necrosis and the formation of nodules called subcutaneous papules. Surgery is often expensive with the risk of complications and will require down time.

A safer, more effective and less expensive approach to correcting the skin around the eyes including the tear trough is ThermiEye which takes just ten minutes! ThermiSmooth is able to treat the area at precisely 42 degrees celsius the optimal temperature to cause the collagen fibers to contract while melting excess fat padding around the eyes. The result is thicker skin around the eyes supported by a reinforced net of collagen facilitating smoother appearing skin. ThermiEye feels like a warm massage and requires 3 painless 10 minute sessions with results that last years.