Burn Fat Before Summer With SculpSure

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It’s Thursday your bags are packed and by this time tomorrow you will be lounging by the ocean with a glass of rosé in hand. For two weeks you have been hitting the gym so hard you are on a first name name basis with the concierge not to mention the invite you just got to the local juice barista’s wedding. And yet somehow you can barely fit into that 2 piece bikini… Sounds Familiar? The team at Manhattan Aesthetics will take the stress out of your getaway glam goals so you can have carefree fun and look AMAZING!

It All Begins With Dermaplaning

The humidity in New York these past few days can cause serious breakouts not to mention poor air quality which often will leave a New Yorker’s skin feeling dull and damaged. Dermaplaning is performed using a 10 gauge scalpel to painlessly remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells. The procedure will not only restore the texture of your the skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and correct superficial scarring but it will exfoliate the pores to release toxins and prepare the skin for what’s to come.

Laser Plumping

The next step in your journey to perfection is a Laser Genesis Facial. This procedure is the gold standard for correcting superficial imperfections including:

-Fine Lines



Laser Genesis takes just 15 minutes and gently heats the skin causing collagen expansion that will plump and beautify your skin so it glows for days!

Now We Peel

Next we will perform a Skinceuticals micro peel containing lactic acid, niacin and usnic acid to decongest the pores while hydrating and brightening the skin. The peel is fast and painless and will finalize the exfoliation process while also locking in your glow!

Fat Blast

Enjoy desert tonight and certainly don’t sweat the extra calories because in just 25 minutes we are going to blast away your love handles and abdomen with SculpSure. Unlike other procedures like Trusculpt, Coolsculpting and Smart Lipo the SculpSure permanently destroys 24% of fat quickly and painlessly. We will followup the treatment with a quick ThermiBody session to melt away unsightly cellulite before your very eyes. (You may just have to call Neiman Marcus for the next size down!)

Last But Not Least

Now that you have a rocking hot body, smooth lean physique and killer complexion we will turn you over to our beauty glam squad @GothamBeauty for a quench hydrating hair treatment, manicure & pedicure, eyebrow tint + shaping and blowout.