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The New Yorker’s Go-To Guide For Cellulite

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching and your hottest summer outfit packed and ready to go but are you ready to show off your summer body? If you are like most (85% of Women and 25% of Men) then you probably are suffering from stubborn cellulite. So the bad news is carb cutting and cardio aren’t going to help you but there solutions that will!

*Individual results may vary.

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a layer of subcutaneous fat deposits that forms beneath the surface of the skin causing the body to appear chunky and dimpled. Cellulite is classified into three different categories:

-Grade 1-Fat cells are present at the microscopic level and the skin will present fat when pinched

-Grade 2-Dimpling occurs when standing and lying down

-Grade 3-Cellulite is severe with large areas of dimples and depressions

Causes Of Cellulite

The truth is the research conducted to evaluate the causes of cellulite is not conclusive, however, several contributing factors have been identified. These include hormonal changes, genetics and lifestyle factors such as stress and smoking.


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Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed by inserting a small laser tube under the surface of the skin. The laser heats the subcutaneous fat causing it to melt which dramatically improves the appearance of cellulite. Multiple treatments are often required to achieve optimal results and the procedure can become quite expensive often in costing upwards of $10,000.


Thermage uses radio frequency to heat the surface of the skin yielding a tightening and toning effect. The procedure typically takes 30 minutes and can be somewhat painful because it operates at a high temperature. The applicator is used to stimulates collagen which tightens the fibers that run through the fatty layers. The downside to thermage is that it typically will only result in a 50-60 percent reduction of cellulite.


Endermologie is an age old non-surgical method used to reduce cellulite that uses rollers and suction to increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. By eliminating built up fluids and toxins the skin will appear smoother and tighter. While Endermologie is inexpensive and painless it does require frequent treatments and is not the most effective option in the battle against cellulite!


Velashape uses infrared energy with massage rollers to heat the skin and promote collagen tightening. The treatment can be a bit uncomfortable causing a pinching sensation followed by mild to moderate redness lasting up to an hour. Like the other cellulite removal treatment options Velashape also reduces the size of the fat cells.

Alma Accent

The Alma Accent uses laser energy to heat deep layers of the skin causing the fat cells to draw. Alma is safe to for use on just about every area of the body and is completely painless. Typically 6-8 procedures are required to see results and the full effect of these treatments will be realized within a 6 month period. The disadvantage to Alma is that many patients have reported results do not last long term and require consistent treatment.

The Winner: ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmooth is by far the best option when it comes to treating stubborn cellulite. It is the only method that is FDA approved specifically for the reduction of cellulite. The procedure is fast and painless lasting a mere 20-30 minutes. The practitioner applies coconut oil to the target area and will use the appropriate applicator to massage the area in a circular motion. Like Thermage the ThermiSmooth uses radio frequency energy however it is administered at the precisely correct temperature. Unlike Thermage the ThermiBody procedure is performed using Thermi’s proprietary temperature controlled hand piece that prevents overheating and ensures a consistent and precise treatment. 4-5 sessions are typically required with results lasting 18 months. Thereafter an annual touchup session is required to preserve the results.


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.