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Can I Get Rid of Visible Cellulite Without Exercise?

Are you tired of living with bumpy cellulite that resists all your dieting and exercising efforts? Just below the surface of the skin, cellulite affects men and women alike. Manhattan Aesthetics has the treatment you’re looking for to take back your life, your shape, and your confidence.

ThermiSmooth Cellulite Removal New York City

*Individual results may vary.

Cellulite Removal Treatments

ThermiSmooth® does more than melt away cellulite. It also tightens the skin with state-of-the-art radiofrequency (RF) technology, so your cellulite and that dreaded “orange peel” texture of your skin disappear. The RF energy heats fat cells and disrupts their membranes, which your body metabolizes out through the lymphatic system. Not only is your skin tighter and more toned, but the cellulite that caused the lumps and bumps in the first place are also gone and it’s not coming back.

TruSculpt® ID takes the same principle of ThermiSmooth® and ramps it up to eleven. If your concern is a greater concentration of fat, or if you’ve done everything you can and those stubborn fat pockets aren’t going anywhere, TruSculpt® ID is for you. The patented low-frequency monopolar RF energy penetrates your tissues not just to target the fat, but the entire adipose pad. This amazing treatment then adjusts the energy output to account for fibrous tissues, making it a truly personalized weapon in your arsenal against cellulite.

Am I a Good Candidate?

ThermiSmooth® may be ideal for patients who are within 30 pounds of their ideal weight with more concerns about skin laxity and dimpling due to cellulite. TruSculpt® ID is indicated for any patients with cellulite concerns, even those considered obese or morbidly obese. It’s the first treatment approved of its kind.


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What are Treatments Like?

ThermiSmooth® treatments begin with a cool gel applied to the treatment area, where the handpiece will gently massage in circles to deliver the RF energy. The procedure takes between 15-45 minutes, and you’ll remain comfortable throughout.

TruSculpt® ID treatments involve attaching applicators to your treatment area, where the revolutionary RF energy will be directed. Most patients find the treatment soothing and spend their time relaxing, reading, or even sleeping. Treatments are fast, in some cases, only 15 minutes.

Downtime and Results

Because both treatments are completely non-invasive and don’t involve laser energy, there’s no downtime at all.

Both treatments also change your body at the cellular level, so it takes time for results to visibly progress. With ThermiSmooth® your skin will become tighter, smoother, and cellulite bumps will disappear over a 3-month period, with long-lasting results of up to a year. Maintenance treatments may be required to continue tightening skin and keeping cellulite at bay. Results with TruSculpt® ID similarly take 3 months, with the possibility of a fantastic 35% reduction in fat. Most patients only need 1 treatment to see these results. The best part is once those fat cells are filtered away, they’re gone. A healthy lifestyle will maintain the remaining fat cells, but new ones won’t form.

At Manhattan Aesthetics our skilled team has made it our mission to help our patients achieve their ideal self-image so they can live their healthiest, most authentic life. No covering up stubborn fat anymore. We can help you melt away the fat with these truly revolutionary treatments.


*Individual results may vary.

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