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How Long Will My Botox® Results Last?

Botox® has long been the anti-aging treatment of choice in the cosmetic enhancement industry. More than 7 million Botox® procedures were performed in the US in 2018, and that number will only continue to grow. The expert injection specialists at Manhattan Aesthetics are among the most talented and elite providers in the country, and it shows in our patient satisfaction and results.

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How Botox® Works

Unfortunately, age stops for no one. The more we smile, laugh, frown, and squint, the more our expressions contribute to wrinkles and lines on our forehead and around our eyes. Botox® has been the quintessential wrinkle eraser since 2002 when it was FDA approved. By blocking acetylcholine in the nerves that instruct muscle movement around your forehead and eyes, Botox® reverses repetitive skin wrinkling for a smoother, younger appearance. Botox® can also elevate the corners of your mouth, reduce upper and lower lip creases, enhance your upper lip for a “Botox® Lip Flip,” and even minimize marionette lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Some patients who feel their smile shows too much of their upper gum line can also have Botox® injections to keep their upper lip from rising too much for a more natural, less gummy smile.

Injectable Artistry at Its Finest

Allergan, Botox’s® maker, bestows the finest clinics in the country with different award levels to recognize top tier providers and reassure patients that their injection specialists are among the best of the best. Manhattan Aesthetics received the Black Diamond distinction in 2018, which is awarded only to the top 1% of clinics in the United States and is reserved for only the most talented injection artists. It’s about more than simply injecting the medication in the muscles responsible for forehead wrinkles, brow furrows, and crow’s feet. At Manhattan Aesthetics, there’s no risk of a frozen, surprised, or plastic result with our Botox® treatments. We can reverse the effects of aging with Botox® in a way that appears natural while eliminating a tired, haggard, and worn-out appearance. Not only are your appointments fast and easily scheduled around your busy lifestyle, but your treatments are also effective, producing visible results within 1 week of your appointment.


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How Long Does Botox® Last

As one of the fastest-acting cosmetic enhancement treatments, Botox® takes only 3 days to a week to pause muscle movement, giving your face and skin a reprieve from the repetitive motion that deepens wrinkles and lines in the forehead and around the eyes, allowing the skin to repair and renew itself. Once Botox’s® effects take hold, muscle movement is suspended for 3-6 months. After the effects begin to wear off, repeated treatments are recommended to continue enjoying Botox’s® benefits. As with any muscle, lack of movement will shrink and weaken it, so each Botox® treatment will last a little longer each time as your muscles acclimate to reduced use.

Our Manhattan Aesthetics Team is dedicated to the art and science behind Botox® injections, and our patients love us for it. We pride ourselves on our passion for facial rejuvenation and beauty, and our relaxing, spa-like atmosphere will make you feel like royalty during your appointments. Turn back the hands of time at Manhattan Aesthetics.


*Individual results may vary.

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