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How Much Does Cellulite Reduction Cost?

Summertime means being outside, long days, shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. But for people with the dimpled skin of cellulite, summer means embarrassment and full-coverage clothing despite the heat. It doesn’t have to. At Manhattan Aesthetics, we can help eliminate the appearance of cellulite and “orange peel” skin, so you have the freedom to wear what you want, any time, anywhere, including the beach.


Cellulite Reduction Before & After New York City

*Individual results may vary.

How ThermiSmooth® Works

One of our most effective procedures to reduce cellulite is ThermiSmooth®, a painless laser treatment that goes to the sources of the problem: the fat deposits that shape cellulite, and collagen. Collagen is the skin’s greatest support system. As we age, we produce less of it, taxing the collagen we do have, and causing it more strain. The result is a melted or lumpy look.

ThermiSmooth®’s Radiofrequency (RF) heat is dual purpose. At the surface, the laser RF energy reconstructs collagen fibers and stimulates the body to produce more, firming loose or sagging skin for a tighter appearance. Additionally, RF energy boosts circulation to underlying tissues so the collagen produced is healthier and stronger. RF energy’s second target is the fat pockets causing dimpling in the deeper dermal layer. ThermiSmooth® heat penetrates fat cells, disrupting their membranes to cause cell death. The body naturally takes over, filtering dead fat cells through the lymphatic system, so the cause of your cellulite is gone, leaving behind a smoother, shapelier you with tighter, more youthful skin.

What is the Cost of ThermiSmooth®?

While self-confidence has no sticker price, regaining it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. ThermiSmooth® procedures are anywhere from 15-60 minutes in duration, depending on your treatment area’s size. It does, on average, take patients 3-4 sessions to reach their goals, and 6-8 weeks to complete the process. Some practices charge rate per minute, while others offer packages per treatment. According to, the average range of ThermiSmooth® treatments is $400-$1,500, with an average of $950. At Manhattan Aesthetics, we offer flexible payment options, so you can put yourself first and invest in the self-confidence you deserve.


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What to Expect with ThermiSmooth®

When you go to the source of the problem, it can sometimes take time to see effective results. Patients are advised to give ThermiSmooth® treatments time. Collagen will rebuild. Fat cells will die off and filter out of the body. Both these processes will ramp up in the weeks following your treatment sessions, with the most dramatic results becoming visible around 3 months after you’ve begun treatment. These improvements don’t stop as soon as your treatments end. Your body will continue to produce stronger, more abundant collagen to support your skin, and with a continued healthy lifestyle, those fat cells won’t return either. With no downtime or pain with ThermiSmooth®, the only thing you have to lose is the cellulite.

At Manhattan Aesthetics, patient care is our specialty. We were founded on the principles of caring for the whole patient. We bring only the highest caliber of treatments to our patients, and we pair that with our own proprietary protocols, extensive knowledge, and a holistic approach to treatment. With our skilled team, we’re turning age into just another number, one patient at a time.


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.