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Are There Non-surgical Methods of Reducing Excess Body Fat?

Liposuction used to be the only cosmetic adjustment for the removal of diet-resistant fat pockets and cellulite. Technology has come a long way, and Manhattan Aesthetics is proud to be the first clinic in the world to bring TruSculpt® ID to our patients, as well as serving the greater New York area with the SculpSure® procedure.

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*Individual results may vary.

Body Fat Reduction Treatments

Non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction processes are where the science has most advanced in recent years in the cosmetic enhancement industry, and Manhattan Aesthetics has been on the cutting edge of this technology for years. We offer a variety of treatment options, two of which are SculpSure® and TruSculpt® ID, both FDA-approved and revolutionary.

 SculpSure® targets unwanted fat pockets in a painless procedure utilizing laser energy to induce structural failure and cell death in fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues. Up to 24% of fat cells are compromised in just 25 minutes. The body filters out the dead cells in the 4-6 weeks following the procedure, leaving behind a slimmer, more sculpted shape.

TruSculpt® ID follows a similar principle with low-frequency monopolar radiofrequency energy targeting not just the fat cells but the entire adipose pad. The system analyzes each patient’s individual biology and adjusts to optimize the energy output, so fibrous tissue doesn’t interfere with the treatment’s effectiveness. It’s the first truly personalized fat reduction technology available, with several distinct advantages:


  • Largest applicators (3x larger than CoolSculpting)
  • Painless
  • Not BMI restrictive, safe for obese and morbidly obese patients
  • Tightens skin simultaneously by stimulating collagen production
  • 35% fat reduction possible

Am I a Good Candidate?

For SculpSure® patients, ideal candidates should be within 30 pounds of their target weight, whereas TruSculpt® ID does not carry BMI or weight restrictions, making it possible for almost anyone to qualify.


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What are Fat Reduction Treatments Like?

SculpSure’s® 4-applicator system makes treatment quick, taking just 25-minutes. TruSculpt® ID’s 6 handpieces target areas 3x larger than CoolSculpting’s Cool Max applicators (equivalent to 12 SculpSure® applicators for are even shorter treatments, just 15 minutes. For both procedures, patients are extremely comfortable, experiencing mild heat while they read, use social media, or even nap.

Downtime and Results

Neither procedure has downtime, and the results are indisputable. SculpSure® reduces fat by 24% each time, and patients are satisfied after 1-2 treatments. Results peak after 4-6 weeks as the body filters out the dead fat cells. For TruSculpt® ID, 95% of patients require only a single treatment to achieve up to 35% fat reduction, with optimal results around 12 weeks. Because the fat cells are gone (not just shrunk as with weight loss), remaining fat cells are more evenly distributed, so future weight fluctuations do not typically result in the return of cellulite or fat pockets. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep your new, shapelier contour will prolong results and satisfaction.

It’s important to have fat reduction performed by an experienced provider under the supervision of a board-certified physician to avoid undesirable outcomes that can lead to serious shape deformities. Highly respected industry leaders like our skilled team at Manhattan Aesthetics are specially trained in these cosmetic contouring procedures to ensure the most optimal outcome for you and your new silhouette.


*Individual results may vary.

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