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What’s the Recovery Time for Laser Cellulite Removal?​

Cellulite is a condition where subdermal fat tissue forms lumps and can even give the skin an “orange peel” texture. People suffering from cellulite often feel restricted in social activities and the clothing they wear. If cellulite plagues you, you don’t have to live with it. Manhattan Aesthetics has a solution.

*Individual results may vary.

Smooth Cellulite with TruSculpt® ID

Get the fat at its source with TruSculpt® ID treatments. Through monopolar radiofrequency energy, TruSculpt® ID targets fat cells in virtually any treatment area on the body, like the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and thighs. This energy disrupts fat cell membranes, causing cell death so the body’s lymphatic system can filter them out naturally. Because TruSculpt® ID targets the entire adipose pad, and the system adjusts for unique fat densities within that pad, there is no better personalized fat targeting system available. Manhattan Aesthetics has the honor of being the only clinic in the world to offer TruSculpt® ID treatments, through an exclusive agreement with Cutera, TruSculpt® ID’s manufacturer. In just 15 minutes, you can smooth away the fat that creates cellulite’s appearance. 

Target Cellulite with ThermiSmooth®

Much like TruSculpt® ID, ThermiSmooth® Body treatments use radiofrequency heat, but instead of targeting fat, it focuses on the underlying causes of orange peel texture and deeper skin dimples. RF heat realigns existing collagen fibers in your skin as well as boosting new collagen production. Age breaks our connective tissues down, reducing skin support and causing a melting, sagging appearance. ThermiSmooth® rearranges collagen to smooth and tighten your skin, boost blood circulation, and disrupt fat cells similar to TruSculpt® ID.

ThermiSmooth & TruSculpt ID Consultations Available

What are Treatments Like?

Both types of treatment are quick. TruSculpt® ID takes an average of 15 minutes thanks to its 6 handpieces that can be configured for any treatment area. ThermiSmooth® averages between 15-45 minutes. Both treatments are entirely pain-free, and many patients report that ThermiSmooth® is so soothing, it feels like a warm massage. While TruSculpt® ID treatments satisfy 95% of patients after a single session, more sessions may be scheduled. Patients typically undergo 3-4 ThermiSmooth® treatments to fully address cellulite concerns.

Downtime and Results

The non-invasive nature of both treatments means there’s virtually no downtime for either procedure. Patients may experience some treatment site tenderness for a few hours after TruSculpt® ID sessions, but it resolves quickly without the need for pain intervention. There is no recovery time for ThermiSmooth®, and in fact, patients report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after the procedure is complete. Results with both procedures take time to become visible because the body needs time to filter out dead fat cells eliminated by the procedure. Long-term collagen stimulation also takes time to become apparent. Because of this, both procedures frequently take around 3 months for optimal results to be measured. Studies show skin tightening and cellulite reduction may last up to 1 year, possibly longer with patients observing a healthy lifestyle.

The Manhattan Aesthetics team has made a name for ourselves through the continued pursuit of technological breakthroughs, innovation, and a philosophy that treats patients, not body parts. If you’re looking for a world-renowned, knowledgeable, compassionate provider on the cutting edge of the cosmetic enhancement industry, look no further than Manhattan Aesthetics.

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