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MY EXPERIENCE AT MANHATTAN AESTHETICS WAS NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING! THE ENTIRE STAFF SPECIFICALLY CRAIG CHELSEY AND NATALIE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE INFORMATIVE, HELPFUL AND CARING! I learned the hard way that body contouring does in fact work after a long painful expensive bout with cool sculpting at skinney medspa. I then purchased the 4 applicator special at Manhattan Aesthetics for the sculpSURE laser. After 3-4 weeks my flanks were dramatically less bulky with a very noticeable definition. I have since treated my inner thighs and outer thighs. Everything about my experience and the procedure has been phenomenal! 5 STARS
– Julia L.

Great place! Amazing staff! All of there services are A1 highly recommend manhattan aesthetics !

– Cuzzin Todd

Manhattan Aesthetics is 5 stars the knowledge of the staff is second to none and I could not be happier with my results. I was referred by a friend and have done both sculpsure and trusculpt and am extremely pleased with the result. Natalie was unbelievable in recommending the best possible treatment to ensure I not only lost my stomach but tightened the skin as well. Chelsea is amazing and went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule and make sure I was seen without a wait.
– Howard S.

My experience getting SculpSure at Manhattan Aesthetics was top of the line. The people there are incredibly friendly and the office is spotless and gorgeous. The process of SculpSure is much more efficient than Cool Sculpting, it is less painful and takes less time. I was targeting my abs and as mentioned, the first 5 minutes is challenging but once I was acclimated to the heating and cooling sensations (plus my tech did massage my legs during) it was easy and I was done in 25 minutes. Afterward there was no pain or redness so I decided to do more applicators on my lower back (love handles). The follow up is to simply massage the area twice a day and drink lots of water. It is non-invasive and though I just had it done yesterday, I literally have NO after pain and I am excited to see the results! Five stars for a great experience at Manhattan Aesthetics.
– Hedy M.

I am totally addicted to Manhattan Aesthetics! Chelsea and Craig are so pleasant, kind and helpful. It’s always so nice to see them. The space is gorgeous. Both Lola and Natalie are great!! I couldn’t be happier with the first procedure I have received from Lola. Results were visible weeks before the suggested 6 week mark. I am currently undergoing the ThermiSmooth and will have to wait out the results but I will come back to update. I want to try the microneedling and photofacial next. I am addicted to Manhattan Aesthetics and the wonderful staff here. I came in through a groupon offer and I have no intentions of straying.
– Maria M.

I had coolsculpting last year and never got much of a result so decided to try sculpsure at Manhattan Aesthetics. I did 8 applicators targeting my abdomen and love handles. Layla my technician warned me the first 4 minutes would be uncomfortable so she distracted me by keeping me company and massaging my leg. After this it was it was easy, painless and actually kind of fun. I have to say the procedure was dramatically faster and less painful than coolsculpting and saw an incredible result. The best part was no downtime whatsoever-the next day I did feel sore like I did an intense ab workout. Definitely better than liposuction-sculpsure 5 stars Layla 5 stars Manhattan Aesthetics 5 stars
– Karen K.

“Yesterday I tried Thermiaesthetic which is ThermiSmooth Skin Tightening. I ran over on my lunch break and LoLa who was the Esthetician couldn’t have been nicer! She rubbed a ton of gel on my lower face and neck with my clothes covered with towels then came the funny device. I was nervous as she said I might be a little red after, but I wasn’t at all! The treatment itself was pleasant and I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed! Then the gel was cleaned off about 25 minutes later and then I was good to go! I went back to the office and they were none the wiser! My skin already looks tighter although she recommended another couple of treatments. Which at the price point is affordable. If you need a little lift with no down time I can’t recommend it enough! Plus everyone at Manhattan Aesthetics was delightful!”

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