Manhattan Aesthetics is excited to offer Vivace skin resurfacing! Vivace is the latest generation of RF (Radio Frequency) Micro Needling technology for rejuvenating and revitalizing the face, neck, décolletage, hands and body. Vivace yields unbelievable results quickly and painlessly with improvement after just one session. 



-Minimize/Eliminate Fine Lines and Wrinkles

(Great For Lip/Smoker’s Lines, Crow’s Feet/Frown Lines, Nasolabial Folds, Eye Wrinkles, Neck Lines and Forehead Wrinkles)

-Tightens The Skin (Face + Body)

-Minimize/Eliminate Acne Scars

-Eliminate Sun Damage/Hyperpigmentation 

-Minimizes Pores

-Treat Stretch Marks

-Treat Loose Skin

-Improve Overall Texture + Tone



How is Vivace Performed?


First our prescription custom compounded numbing cream is applied to completely numb the treatment area. We then begin by programming the Vivace to the optimal settings based upon each individual patient’s needs. Using Vivace’s unique insulated 36 gold plated needle tip and robotic mechanism the needles are inserted into the skin at various depths. We cover every area once in an up and down motion and then complete the treatment with a second pass of coverage in a checkered pattern. The result is an even and comprehensive treatment to address the entire area. Unlike alternative devices the Vivace system has 31 settings that enable us to customize the treatment and achieve the highest level of precision.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments will vary depending on the condition, however, on average 3 sessions are needed to see optimal results.

Is Vivace Painful?

At Manhattan Aesthetics we provide our patients with a custom compounded numbing cream that is applied 25 minutes prior to the treatment ensuring 100% comfort throughout the treatment!

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency is an energy source that produces heat and when delivered into the skin is proven to produce more collagen and elastin too tighten and renew the skin leaving it more youthful in appearance.

How long does Vivace take?

Each Vivace treatment lasts just 30 to 45 minutes (additional time is required for numbing)

Will I have Downtime?

Vivace has minimal to no downtime. At Manhattan Aesthetics we administer all Vivace treatments using Vivace’s proprietary cooling mask to take heat out of the skin as well as advanced booster serum that will minimize redness. 

Day 1+2-The skin may be red in appearance and will be warm to touch

Day 3-Superficial hyperpigmentation and dead skin will flake off

Day 7-The patient’s normal skin care routine may be resumed


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