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How Does AviClear™ Treat Acne?

Whether you have minor breakouts or severe cystic acne, the appearance of blemishes can make you self-conscious and even leave scars. AviClear™ is a revolutionary acne treatment that gives you long-lasting, clear skin. This laser treatment has been proven to provide superior acne control without medications or side effects. 

What is AviClear™?

You may already know that acne forms when sebum from your sebaceous glands combines with dead skin cells and debris to clog your pores. AviClear™ is a laser treatment that targets the sebaceous glands to control acne. As the first FDA-cleared laser acne treatment, AviClear™ has changed how your Manhattan Aesthetics team helps people with acne. Its life-changing results appear quickly and without side effects or medications. 

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*individual results may vary.

How Does AviClear™ Treat Acne?

AviClear™ uses a laser with a wavelength of 1726nm that targets sebaceous glands. These glands absorb this wavelength, creating heat that damages them and limits their sebum production. The laser does not affect your skin, and special cooling technology maintains a comfortable temperature during treatment. 

An average session lasts about 30 minutes. Most people need a series of three scheduled a month apart. You may feel heat during treatment, but the cooling technology protects your skin from injury. Your Manhattan Aesthetics provider will recommend stopping treatments like retinoids several weeks before your session. 

How Long Does AviClear™ Last?

Most acne treatments require continuous use. Topical treatments or medications usually stop working as soon as you stop using them. You can expect your AviClear™ results to last at least two years and possibly much longer. Research shows that over 90% of those who have AviClear™ treatments are happy with their results after one year. The ability to control acne for years at a time with just a few treatments makes AviClear™ unique. 


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Is There Any Downtime After AviClear™ Acne Treatment?

AviClear™ requires no downtime, and you can return to your daily routine. Your skin will typically look red after treatment, but this can fade in under an hour for many people. Some people report breakouts between AviClear™ treatments. Your Manhattan Aesthetics team will help you manage them if they occur. This breakthrough acne will stop after you finish treatment. 

Am I a Good Candidate for AviClear™?

People with mild to severe acne typically make good candidates for AviClear™. It even works for deep, treatment-resistant acne that has not responded to other methods. Unlike most laser treatments, AviClear™ is safe for all skin tones, even deeper ones, making AviClear™ an excellent option for most people with acne. 


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.