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Will Laser Lipo Help Me Lose Weight?

For many people, losing that last 15-20 pounds is the hardest. You’re in sight of your ideal weight goal, but no matter what you do, there’s still a bulge above your waistband. Or maybe your particular stubborn fat hangs out on your hips or thighs. Sometimes you can’t do it alone. Manhattan Aesthetics is ready to step in and help you lose those last few pounds, giving you the silhouette and shape you’ve always wanted.

SculpSure Before & After New York City

*Individual results may vary.

The SculpSure® Difference

SculpSure® is a fantastic alternative to surgical liposuction because there are no incisions to recover from, no bruising, and best of all, the fat is still gone. How does it work? The SculpSure® system uses hyperthermic laser technology to target adipose tissue to improve your shape and contour in a natural way. Your fat cells are heated to between 42° and 47° Celsius, while the skin at the surface is kept cool for patient comfort. The membranes of the fat cells are compromised, resulting in cell death, and the body’s lymphatic system naturally filters them out. In each SculpSure® session, up to 24% of stubborn fat cells are disrupted, reducing those last persistent pockets of weight you can’t wait to lose.

The number of fat cells we’re born with does not oscillate much in our lifetime. They get bigger or smaller, but overall, remain fairly static. That’s why SculpSure® is so amazing. The fat cells targeted during the procedure are killed off and entirely filtered out of the body. They don’t come back. Future weight changes will affect the size of your remaining fat cells, but you won’t have as many cells to absorb weight gains, and what you do have will be more evenly distributed, so gains become less obvious.

Am I a Good Candidate for SculpSure®?

Are there areas on your body you’d love to be just a little slimmer, a little less plump? Have you tried everything and can’t get results with traditional weight loss methods? Then SculpSure® may be your ideal solution. However, if you have more intensive weight loss goals, or greater than 30 pounds to lose, SculpSure® is not for you. It is not FDA-approved as a significant weight loss tool and shouldn’t be used for that purpose.


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What to Expect After SculpSure® Treatments

Unfortunately, results aren’t immediate, but neither is a more surgical solution with a weeks-long recovery period. The body’s metabolic filtering takes time, so you’ll notice improvements approximately 6 weeks after your first procedure. Many patients only require one procedure to reach their optimal goals, but for some, 2 or 3 sessions can complete their journey. The most dramatic results happen around the 12-week milestone. Because the weight comes off gradually, it’s not obvious you’ve had a cosmetic procedure, so you can disclose as much or as little as you like to loved ones. If you choose, only you and your doctor need to know.

Body contouring has become quite popular in New York City. At Manhattan Aesthetics, we are highly trained in the art of SculpSure®, so you can be sure your procedure is performed correctly by experienced, well-respected, and qualified professionals whose singular mission is to help you shape your future.


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.