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Add A Glowing Complexion To Your Resume

Looking and feeling amazing is always important and now more than ever if you are a graduate embarking on your exciting journey into the work world. In today’s competitive job market it is important to prepare yourself with every possible advantage so while you may have graduated we say you still have homework:


  • Exfoliate-As skin cells build up over time our complexion often becomes dull and lackluster which is why it is so important to exfoliate your skin. We recommend doing so the night before an interview prior to applying a medium bodied moisturizer. This is best to ensure the skin is calm and ready by morning.
  • Correct Uneven Skin-Contrary to what you may have been told makeup is not your friend! It will clog your pores and even the best of makeups are no match for blotchy uneven skin tones. Chill 2% milk and apply it to your face with a washcloth. The PH of milk is great at brightening the skin to mask these imperfections. You may also want to consider a PhotoFacial or Chemical Peel to correct skin imperfection such as dark spots, blotchiness and hyper-pigmentation.




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  • Eliminate Bags Under You Eyes-Whether sleepless nights at the library or partying on the roof of the frat house until 3 in the morning those bags under your eyes are no match for ThermiEye. After just one 10 minute session the puffiness will disappear and you will look refreshed and ready. Gently applying ice around the eyes will also provide temporary relief.
  • The Morning Of-Today is your big day and you need to be fierce. Remember you own the show and nothing is getting in your way. Protect your natural glow by keeping your shower on the cool side. Hot water can leave your skin dry and irritated and the cooler temperature will leave your skin refreshed. Avoid salty foods and alcohol for 24 hours to reduce inflammation and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and impurities.




*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.