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2019 Is Your Year! Make It Count!

Manhattan Aesthetics wants you to look and feel amazing in 2019! Take care of yourself and make your resolutions count! Now is the time to make an action plan so the path to achieving your goals is clear and simple. By taking the time to schedule a consultation with a Manhattan Aesthetics clinician you can strategize a routine that is easy, efficient and effective.

Fat Removal+Body Sculpting

Enhance your shape effortlessly and effectively with the most sophisticated body treatments in the world; SculpSure, truSculpt iD, truSculpt 3D and thermiSmooth! Blast away fat stubborn pockets like the muffin top, back fat, love handles and bra rolls with SculpSure or experience truSculpt iD which is the first non-surgical FDA cleared fat removal device that can successfully treat larger (higher BMI) patients achieving an overall circumferential reduction of fat! Liposuction is truly becoming a thing of the past. Sometimes all you need is to remove the stubborn fat to catalyst a complete body transformation and lifestyle change.


Look effortlessly young and fight back against aging before it wreaks havoc on your skin with Botox injections. Botox is quick and comfortable with absolutely no downtime making it a convenient option for any lifestyle! Botox can be used to treat the eyebrow, forehead, glabella (between the brows), platismal bands (neck lines), lip lines and mid face. Baby botox is also a great option to gently relax the muscles without completely preventing movement. A few days after having Botox injections the skin will be noticeably smoother.


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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular treatments for men and women and is the ultimate solution if you are caught in that vicious cycle of uncomfortable, messy never ending waxing, tweezing and shaving. With painless lasers for every skin color/type Manhattan Aesthetics is your premier laser hair removal destination in New York City. For most body areas just 6 sessions will completely destroy the hair follicle permanently eliminating hair growth in the treated area. After all you have better things to do in 2019 then worry about stubborn body hair.

Clear Skin

It’s 2019 needless to say there is no reason to suffer from conditions such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, redness (rosacea). Using the latest technologies such as Aerolase, VIVACE, chemical peels and IPL you can have clear, bright, radiant skin! Schedule a free consultation with a Manhattan Aesthetic’s clinician to learn how to correct your skin and stay glowing for the rest of your life.


*Individual results may vary.


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*Individual results may vary.