What’s the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Abdominal Fat Removal?

What’s the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Abdominal Fat Removal? Sometimes, no matter how religiously you crunch, plank, or knee tuck, the layer of fat over your abdominal muscles doesn’t disappear. Manhattan Aesthetics is the only clinic in the world using TruSculpt® ID, alone or combined with SculpSure®, for safe, non-surgical abdominal fat removal for abs […]

Targeted Fat Reduction With SculpSure

Targeted Fat Reduction With SculpSure Men and women have spent decades searching for ways to blast resistant body fat trying everything from fad diets, extreme workouts, supplements and funny gadgets-without achieving desired results. The truth is targeted fat reduction requires professional attention. Manhattan Aesthetics is New York’s premier destination for laser fat removal and body […]

Weighing in on Liposuction!

Weighing in on Liposuction! Liposuction commonly referred to as “lipo” can used to remove excess fat deposits from the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, arms, calves, chest, cheeks, chin, neck and back. The procedure which on average cost New Yorker’s $5,000-$10,000 on average has evolved tremendously over the years. While traditional liposuction which requires risky anesthesia, […]

2019 Is Your Year! Make It Count!

2019 Is Your Year! Make It Count! Manhattan Aesthetics wants you to look and feel amazing in 2019! Take care of yourself and make your resolutions count! Now is the time to make an action plan so the path to achieving your goals is clear and simple. By taking the time to schedule a consultation […]

Are SculpSure Results Permanent?

Are SculpSure Results Permanent? Have you spent countless hours in the gym to reduce stubborn fat pockets and they just aren’t going anywhere? Is your healthy diet showing no signs of improving your physique? At Manhattan Aesthetics, we have the answer. SculpSure® is a revolutionary body contouring system that specifically targets fat cells to reduce them. […]