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How Can I get Rid of Hyperpigmentation on my Face?

Dark spots, sun damage, melasma, and rosacea are among the most frustrating skin problems. Many over-the-counter products don’t fully combat them, and they’re difficult to cover up. At Manhattan Aesthetics, we have a variety of very effective treatments for your hyperpigmentation concerns.

IPL Photo Facial New York City

*Individual results may vary.

Hyperpigmentation Treatments

Chemical peels have become refined since their 90s popularity. They’re phenomenal at reversing sun damage and hyperpigmentation. This highly customizable treatment resurfaces skin one layer at a time, triggering the body’s self-healing process and boosting collagen for overall improved skin tone and texture. The VI Peel is a proprietary formula developed specifically to treat hyperpigmentation safely and effectively across all skin types. The Phenol Peel is another option for fair-skinned patients, though it does have a more extensive recovery time.

 Aerolase® laser treatments use powerful but gentle Light Pod Neo (1064nm) light energy in one of the quickest, most effective treatments on the market. Its pulses are delivered at one-billionth of a second to stimulate deep collagen production while the skin’s surface remains unharmed. Its results are particularly exceptional for hyperpigmentation, sun spots, rosacea, and is one of the only safe lasers for melasma.

 Non-invasive IPL Photo Facial is perfect for hyperpigmentation. For a luminous complexion, your Manhattan Aesthetics practitioner uses the custom handpiece to deliver advanced IPL wavelengths to heat the dermis, causing expanded collagen production and constricted blood vessels. Entirely customizable, IPL Photo Facial can fight virtually any form of hyperpigmentation.

Am I a Good Candidate?

These treatments are effective for anyone suffering from sun damage, age spots, rosacea, and other hyperpigmentation issues. If melasma is your concern, Aerolase® is your best option. Schedule a consultation for more information.


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What are Treatments Like?

Chemical peel treatments vary due to the depth of peel you choose, between 15-60 minutes. Aerolase® treatments are quick and completely pain-free, lasting approximately an hour. IPL Photo Facials take between 30-60 minutes, and while mostly pain-free, some tingling or mild discomfort is possible. We apply the cooling gel before the procedure, and a topical anesthetic is available for patients with sensitive skin.

Downtime and Results

Aerolase® and IPL Photo Facials have no downtime. Some IPL patients opt for social downtime while their skin heals. Chemical peels can be aggressive depending on the depth, with a 2-week recovery period. Some minor restrictions during post-treatment care for IPL and chemical peel treatments help minimize complications.

Visible results with a chemical peel are best seen 2-3 weeks following more superficial peels, and 1-3 months for deeper peels. Some patients require multiple peels to fully lighten hyperpigmentation.

Areolase® results depend on the treatment area, severity, and type of condition. For some, improvement is gradual as collagen is rebuilt and new skin cells form. Results with Aerolase® are long-term, peaking after 3-6 sessions. Touch-ups can help prevent future damage.

IPL Photo Facials also produce progressive results. Some pigmented lesions will darken and fall off while the body reabsorbs others over time. Often, patients see small improvements as early as 1 week, with peak improvement after 3-5 months. IPL can require a series of treatments.

Our skilled team at Manhattan Aesthetics believes strongly in providing our patients with the latest advancements in the cosmetics industry. Call today for more information.


*Individual results may vary.

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